Top 12 Wedding Venues for 2020

Alright, so you’re planning your wedding and the first thought that comes to your head is, 

    “Where do we get married?!” 

This might be one of the toughest decisions you’ll make during your wedding planning process, but we’re here to help you start thinking about it, strategically. 

Some of the factors you’ll want to consider is whether to host near your hometown or go for a destination wedding. Many times we see couples weighing the pros and cons for each, using references like guest count, where in the world family and friends reside, the budget, and their personal love story. 

In order to get you thinking, we’ve compiled a list of our absolute favorite venues, many in the United States and some abroad. Some of these you likely haven’t heard of, which is why we are eager to share!

Prospect House, Austin Texas - $$ 

Photo: Feather and Twine Photography

Photo: Feather and Twine Photography

Austin, Texas is where Wild Sky Events was founded, so naturally we have to start with this amazing city. Even if you don't live in Austin, it’s easy to get to (centrally located in the country,) the music and dining culture is a true experience, night life is always buzzing and the city is already a bucketlist item for most. See below why we love Austin’s Prospect House for weddings and events:

  • Lighting: lighting at Prospect House is bright, airy, and no matter the weather, your ceremony and reception will be lit!

  • Neutral space: wherever you choose, you’ll want to make your venue is truly yours to mold. That is why we love Prospect House. You can create any vibe, energy and experience in this space.

  • Common area: this appealing aspect of a venue might seem odd to highlight, but we love the common area in Prospect House because it’s like a blank canvas, you can create any design in this space and turn it into a picture-perfect ceremony or reception.

  • Check-out this gallery from one of our most recent Prospect House weddings! Amanda and Chuck’s modern romantic wedding recently featured on Martha Stewart Weddings!

Photo Courtesy of Mattie’s

Photo Courtesy of Mattie’s

Another incredible top Austin wedding venue is Mattie’s. This beautiful property is like a vintage home, with multiple rooms fitting all styles and tastes. Your guests will get the full blown Texas experience, without having to do a full southern feel. See below for Mattie’s best features: 

  • The Food: We can’t yell louder about how incredible the Mattie’s menu and catering experience is. Mattie’s dining is comfort food for the elegant eater. If you head to the Mattie’s website, the first image you see on their home page is a delicious plate of fried chicken that would even appeal to the vegetarians. 

  • Variety of Spaces: every bride likes to have options. Mattie’s venue is designed to give your guests the opportunity to explore the property, walk through beautiful historical bar, and sit and each brunch in the dining room decorated with framed art. Plus, if you’re really looking to “wow” your guests, visit the outdoor covered courtyard for serious greenhouse vibes. 

  • Versatile Decor: Mattie’s isn’t designed for one particular taste. Regardless if you want a modern feel, a boho wedding, or pretend you’re in a Nicholas Sparks movie, Mattie’ can accommodate anything you dream up. They’ve designed the space to be detailed, while also malleable.

  • They have peacocks, need we say more?

Brazos Hall, Austin, Texas - $$$

Brazos Hall is one of our favorite venues. The wedding photo above was one of our own, that we fully designed and planned. The space allows for incredible lighting design opportunities and is plenty large for any group.

Photo: Feather and Twine Photography

Photo: Feather and Twine Photography

  • Large Space: many times your guest count turns out to be far larger than you originally planned for. That’s why Brazos Hall is perfect! No squishing, just celebrating! It can fit over 200 guests, no problem. 

  • Accessible Location: It can be really difficult to transport large groups to your wedding and make sure they arrive on time. Brazos Hall is located centrally in Austin, near all major hotels and attractions so all guests will make it on time.

  • That Rooftop Deck: ever imagine an outdoor/indoor wedding, at the same time? Brazos Hall has an amazing covered rooftop deck so your guests can stay out of the direct sun, but still feel the breeze float in.

  • Character: the bare bones of Brazos Hall are awesome. Brick walls, modern architecture, and wooden beamed ceilings capture the space. What more could you want?

  • Take a look at Hollee & Asher’s Brazos Hall wedding, recently featured on Style Me Pretty!

Photo: KT Merry

Photo: KT Merry

Not sure if you heard, Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger were recently married here. So, you know it’s a great wedding venue. San Ysidro Ranch is Oprah’s travel hotspot, and many celebrities have taken a vacation here since the early 1900s. See below for reasons why this beautiful property is worth every penny: 

  • Privacy: intentionally, this space is meant for those who want a beautiful escape, but without the threat of tourists or street noise. The ranch is located atop a winding hill in the Santa Barbara mountains and is home of some of the best gardens in Southern California. 

  • Outdoor ceremony spaces: there are multiple places on the property you can say, “I do!” The outdoor gardens boast beautiful backdrops of rolling green hills and serene sunset photo opps, while the restaurants on site are already equipped with low lighting and beautiful greenery. You almost feel like you took a trip to Tuscany, right in California. 

  • Accommodations: if your guests want luxury, they will find it at San Ysidro Ranch. There are various cottages and hideaways, of all different styles, views, sizes and vibes for every guest who stays on property. Let’s just say if you’re looking for something extravagant, this is your place.

  • Brunch: we’re not sure if you care about brunch as much as we do, but if you have tastebuds, you need to try the Brunch at The Stonehouse, located on property. We can’t say enough about the service, flavor, menu variety and overall quality of dining here. San Ysidro Ranch redefines brunch. 

Carmel Valley Ranch, California - $$$$

Carmel Valley Ranch is one of those places you take your girlfriends for a getaway one year, and it becomes a required annual tradition. Carmel Valley Ranch is one of the most exclusive, elegant and vast wedding venues we care to know of. See below why we love this place:

Photographer Courtesy Carmel Valley Ranch

Photographer Courtesy Carmel Valley Ranch

  • The Range: this large and beautiful golf course tent makes Carmel Valley Ranch stand in a league of it’s own. It provides a tent reception comparable to those you’d see in a fairytale. If you’re looking to make your wedding unforgettable, rent that tent. 

  • The Views: The Ranch is located atop beautiful rolling vineyards as far as the eye can see. Views on views on views.

  • Versatile Ceremony and Reception Spaces: this Carmel Valley Ranch property is vast, meaning you’ll have plenty of space to choose from for both your ceremony and your reception! Outdoor, indoor, courtyard…. no forceful choices here.

  • Large Weddings: the ranch has a total of 180 guest lodges for your entire wedding group to stay. No need to cut the guest list due to capacity restrictions!

Photo courtesy of The Fig House

Photo courtesy of The Fig House

Fig house is your retro dream come true. The style and elegance of this venue is incredible! You’re bound to shock your guests with your amazing taste and skill at choosing a venue. Our favorite features:

  • Convenient Location: if you’re living in L.A., you might not get downtown very often. But there are hidden gems in this part of town that make it simple for everyone to travel to. As long as you’re not asking your guests to drive in Friday evening L.A. traffic! 

  • Boutique-y and Artsy: the vibe of Fig House is very unique. There’s a modern artistic / abstract energy in the space that lends itself to an unforgettable experience. Dark, rich colors like navy, green and yellow make this space extremely eye-catching.

  • The Outdoor Courtyard: the outdoor courtyard is funky and beautiful. The tile swirls and gives your theme a boost, without doing anything to add to the space. 

  • The Reception Space: bringing in your unique decor is easy at the Fig House. No need to be shy with your theme, either. The reception spaces allow for almost anything you can imagine.

Photo courtesy of Sea Island Resort

Photo courtesy of Sea Island Resort

The Sea Island Resort in Georgia is a must see. This vast property almost feels like it’s on a private island, with as many rooms, fun activities and exciting beachfront that your heart desires. Right on the water, this spot will give your guests the vacation they’ve been craving for years.

  • Luxury Accommodations and Spa: sometimes when you think large family resort, you think mediocre accommodations. Not at Sea Island. This venue is where you go to get pampered in luxury. 

  • Ceremony Locations: you’ve got quite the menu of options for a ceremony at Sea Island, including the Cloister! Choose from a mired of beautiful lawns, or take over the entire rainbow island property for an ultra private wedding.

  • Ballroom Options: if you’re thinking of an indoor space at a resort for your wedding, you’ve got the option here! Keep your guests cool indoors but still have them experience a warm spring or summer beach holiday. 

  • Fun: Sea Island is the definition of “fun.” Fun for all ages, all preferences, no matter what your vibe is, there is fun for the whole family.

Photo courtesy of Fairmont Banff Springs

Photo courtesy of Fairmont Banff Springs

The Fairmont Banff Springs is one venue that your guests will actually never forget. It’s essentially a castle on a mountaintop. Banff is a town on most people’s bucket list, especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest. Our reasons for featuring:

- The Views: Banff is one of those places professional landscape photographers go to capture the world’s most incredible sites. Just Googling “Banff, Alberta” gives you chills the second the photos pop up on your computer screen.

  • The Castle Vibe: The Fairmont Banff Springs looks, sorry - IS - a castle. Feel like a true queen in this beautiful hotel, filled with rooms for exploring, historic ballrooms, and small hidden bars and restaurants throughout the property. 

  • Outdoor Pool: even in winter, the Fairmont’s outdoor/indoor heated pools make you feel like you’re in a hot spring on a mountain somewhere. Breathtaking views surround the pool area, usually not overcrowded with kids. 

  • The Perfect Destination Wedding: Banff is close enough to the U.S. so your guests won’t feel like they have to travel to Europe to see you get married, but it’s off the grid enough to still find that feeling of adventure. Plus, the food is exceptional. 

Photo courtesy of Bloedel Reserve

Photo courtesy of Bloedel Reserve

The Bloedel Reserve is a beautiful botanical garden, hidden away in the state of Washington, on Bainbridge Island. Take a quick ferry and soon be surrounded by the pure nature of the Pacific Northwest. See below for our favorite features of this destination:

  • Super Exclusive: only a few weddings a year are allowed on this property. You have to enter via lottery and should you be lucky enough to win, you’ll be very glad you tried. 

  • Vintage Elegance: The Residence is a beautiful vintage house that looks like it would be straight out of Pride and Prejudice. The Residence can be a ceremony location, the backdrop for your ceremony, or even the backdrop for your reception. Plus, the Reflection Pool makes you feel like you’re in Europe in the 1600s.  

  • Botanical Garden: this 150-acre property is designed to get you to experience nature. It’s spacious enough for solo morning walks and peaceful afternoon strolls.

  • The Japanese Garden and Guesthouse: worried about lodging? No issue here. The property boasts a beautiful log cabin with incredible views, surrounded by a zen Japanese garden. 


If you ever wanted a New York wedding, but didn’t want the industrial vibe that it usually provides, The 620 Loft and Garden are for you. Seated next 5th Ave and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, this venue feels like it was built just for you. 

  • Views: you can’t beat the views of this spot. St. Patrick’s Cathedral perches high above the space almost as if it’s apart of the venue itself. NY never felt so peaceful.

  • Garden in the City: don’t worry, no concrete ceremony here. Even though this venue is in the heart of the city, the ceremony space that can also be a cocktail hour and reception, is lush and green. Beautiful landscaping makes this venue fresh and stunning. 

  • Interior Space: There is a beautiful interior space next to the outdoor patio just in case you need some shade. Design the space any way you’d like!

  • Accessibility: Being in NYC, this venue is easy to get to and surrounded by incredible accommodations, dining and activities. I mean, come on, it’s NYC!


A wedding at The Foundry is a successful wedding, simply because of the venue. Seriously, this space is so versatile, with so many options for locations for ceremony and reception, you’ll be pleased to know you made the right choice! 

  • Industrial, with a Greenhouse Vibe: if you’re looking for a blend of rustic and industrial, The Foundry is your spot. Blend your two favorites, right near the city! 

  • Outdoor Courtyard and Indoor Main Space: imagine twinkly lights with brick walls, bright windows and beautiful views. Both indoor and outdoor spaces at The Foundry are elegant and stunning. The Courtyard walls are even covered in beautiful greenery and even views of the Queensboro Bridge!

  • Spaces: just by sheer volume, The Foundry has something for everyone. There are six available spaces to use for your event: the Courtyard, the Main Space, the Pool Room, the Albra Room, the Terrace, the Greenhouse. Take your pick!

  • Full Kitchen for Your Catering Team: sometimes it can be hard to bring catering to your venue, but not at The Foundry. There is a full scale kitchen for any catering vendor you choose. 


Butley Priory my highest recommendation for a wedding venue. Walking the grounds for the first time is an experience you’ll never forget due to the sheer vastness and unforgettable beauty of the property. See below why we love it so much:

- Historic Location Built in 1171: history is made at Butley Priory. The venue is breathtaking and will take your wedding to a whole new level. You’ll feel the romantic history around you as you walk the property. Even Henry III visited during his reign! 

  • Gorgeous Vaulted Ceilings: the ceilings are captivating for any guest visiting the property. Other areas of the venue include the great hall, drawing room and kitchen, first floor bedrooms with one-of-a-kind arched windows, and front entry. 

  • Beautiful Grounds: at Butley Priory you won’t have to stay indoors. Take a walk along the south garden and the monks’ fish ponds.

  • One-of-a-Kind Venue: Butley Priory is a venue to book if you’re looking for an incredible destination wedding in a no-so-typical place. Chances are your guests have not visited this beautiful scenic venue yet, so surprise will be a wonderful factor. 

There you have it! Choosing a wedding venue can be a fun process! Let your imagination run wild for a little while. If you need help choosing, planning or executing your wedding, contact us today for a free consultation!

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