Event Planner Emergency Kit

As event planners, we have to be ready anything. If there is an emergency like a medical injury that requires a first aid kit, or perhaps a missing button and split seam, we need to be prepared. The hard part is knowing what supplies are needed and for each type of event. We have two event kits, one for corporate events and one specifically for weddings. 

Wedding Kit

Let's start with our Wedding Emergency Kit. Imagine Target, in a box. We have to be prepared for everything, but we don’t want carry around a huge bag of supplies. Over the years we have narrowed down the main items we are likely to need in a pinch:

  • First Aid Kit: Band aids, ice pack, Neosporin, rubber gloves, gauze, tape, butterfly closures, hand wipes, gauze pads, burn cream and tweezers. I also have a supply of Benadryl, Advil, Airborne Blast of Vitamin C and hand sanitizer gel.

  • Sun and Bugs: Sunscreen, Bug Spray and Benadryl anti-itch spray for bug bites.

  • Snacks: Luna Bars and Kind Bars both gluten free just in case.

  • Supplies: Scissors, floral wire, double sided fabric tape, sewing kit, safety pins and regular pearl head pins (great for fixing the dress or pinning boutonnieres), scotch tape, super glue and 3M hooks.

  • Toiletries and Beauty: Spray deodorant girl and guy, hair spray, cotton pads, Qtips, tissues, oil absorbing sheets (very helpful right before pictures), tweezers, nail clippers, lint remover roller, static guard spray, bobbie pins, nail file, stain remover pen, feminine products, lotion and nail polish remover pads.

  • Extra items: Sharpie, pens, chalkboard marker, ivory ribbon, iPhone and Android chargers and breath mints.

What items do we use the most often?

1. The anti-itch after bite spray is absolutely number 1. Weddings are often in the summer, so mosquitoes can be a big problem. The Benadryl anti-itch is great to combine with the spray.

2. The second most-used items are the oil absorbing sheets. With the muggy summer heat, these sheets work perfectly to get rid of the oil around the nose and forehead. Perfect for before our couples being taking all their lovely outdoor photos! 

What items to leave at home:

1. We do not bring any makeup products with us. It is not sanitary to reuse them, they are hard to store and every bride has as different color palette. We tell all of our brides that even if you are having your makeup professionally done, always bring a bit of concealer, mascara and your lipstick color with you. That way, after the ceremony, brides can have a quick touch up before the family photographs begin. 

Corporate Event Kit

Though you might think we could use the same kit for corporate events, the items we need are a bit different. We always have our tool box and first aid kit, which includes:

  • Tools: Set of pliers, screwdriver, hammer, tape measurer, leatherman, wrench, zip ties, box cutter and work gloves. You never know when you will have to refocus a light or in one case, fix a broken door handle! We find it is best to be prepared for everything!

  • Tape: Gaffer tape (white and black), non-residue duck tape, packing tape and double sided tape. Gaffer tape is helpful for taping down loose wires, carpet and packing up supplies after a trade show.

  • Power: (2) long extension cords, (2) Power Strips and and extra set of batteries (for when the trade show TV remote runs out).

  • Signage: We always have a set of acrylic 8 x 10 sign holders and 4x6 small white sign holders, extra pens and (1) black collapsable easel. Great for menus, last minute branding, directional signage -- you name it.

  • Safety: (2) locks and (2) sets of metal cables to act as emergency security measure. They are great for trade show setups with lots of desktop computers. They might not look the best, but they work in a pinch and it will make thieves think twice before trying to nick my clients items.

  • Extras: We always have 1 extra set of votive candles and extra lighters handy just in case. Just never ever leave them in your car because if they melt, you will just end up with cups of wax! Other items are pens, sharpies and scissors.

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Kit all laid out

Kit all laid out

All packed up into a handy small makeup case.

All packed up into a handy small makeup case.

Corporate Event Kit unpacked. These items are packed into small blue tool box.

Corporate Event Kit unpacked. These items are packed into small blue tool box.