Zendesk SXSW 2016

We had the privilege of producing and designing the Zendesk SXSW event this year at Container Bar. This was a 2 part event - a day lounge with live music and an all night dance party.  

The overall design for this event was based upon Zendesk's new marketing campaign and the style of the company. Our goal was to create a modern and organic look for every part of the space that pulled upon the architectural details from their HQ in San Francisco. As with every corporate event we do, our designs work to reflect the brand down to the smallest detail. 

To play off of the new marketing campaign we created 3 major branding pieces. 1) A 10' neon sign with the "Relationships are Complicated" tagline - 2) A 9' x 8' cap to the end of the second story container with the logo backlit with an LED light and 3) A 40' banner along the side of the main container facing the street. 

For the interior of the space we got to have some fun with lounges. Using a mix of rented and sourced pieces we tried to replicate the look and feel of the headquarters interior design vibe. 

The Relate container posed a difficult challenge. The walls were a grid of blue vinyl cushions and wood strips which didn't really mesh with the needs for the space. Since we didn't want to rebuild the interior of the container we decided to create faux walls out of ultraboard and "wallpaper" the interior.  Using brass upholstery tacks we custom cut the panels to fit the space and work around the outlets, pipes and air conditioning units (that didn't take a long time at all....) 

The day lounge was all about hanging out and networking so we wanted to create a relaxed vibe with iced coffee from Luck Lab Coffee Company and great music from local act Nick & Paige. 

For the evening party that went until 2am we installed over 100 Edison bulbs to hang from the 20' ceiling of container bar, video projection of the new marketing campaign, fantastic food from East Side Kings and a seriously awesome DJ to keep the party going. We had over 2,000 guests through our doors through evening and there was never a dull moment. 

Marketing campaign characters brought to life for the party. 

Marketing campaign characters brought to life for the party. 

Take a look at the video for this SXSW event! 

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Photos provided by Inked Fingers Photography & Lisa Hause Photography 

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