Vendor Spotlight: Kira Del Mar


Kira is a fantastic artist, currently living in Norway, who creates unbelievably beautiful ink and watercolor wedding bouquet drawings. I have been an admirer of her work for such a long time and am thrilled she wanted to share some insight into her artistic process on our blog this month! The best part is she takes commissions! Check out more of Kira's work at

From Kira.... 

I’m an artist and teacher currently living in Oslo, Norway, after relocating six months ago from the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m largely self-taught as an artist (my degrees are in history), and my primary medium is oil painting. Lately, though, I’ve been loving ink and watercolor more and more.

I started this series with a painting of my own wedding bouquet, and soon found that other people were interested in having their own bouquets immortalized as well. My bridesmaids and friends and I worked together to make all of the flower arrangements for my wedding, and working with the flowers was one of my favorite parts of the whole experience. I’m intrigued by the endless variety of colors and textures that can be incorporated into a bouquet, and they’ve proven just as fun and challenging to work with in paint as they were in person. I love the ethereal, fleeting quality of the original arrangements, but I also love having this new version of my bouquet that will keep a little longer.


I work on each painting in three stages: I start with a light pencil sketch that blocks in the shapes of all of the blossoms & the outline of the whole bouquet. Next, I use a Micron .005 fine liner pen (which has archival quality, acid-free ink) to complete the drawing, erasing away the pencil lines underneath. Finally, I paint with watercolors in many thin layers, or washes, working from light to dark and finishing with the most saturated colors. I love working on commissioned pieces like these, because art-making often can be a solitary experience, but a commissioned piece is necessarily a dialogue. Hearing people’s stories, memories, and emotions around the subject of the painting speaks to the historian in me, and I’m happiest when I can use my skill in making something that brings joy to others.

If you’re interested in commissioning your own ‘bouquet portrait,’ you can reach me by email at I’m also on Instagram (@kiraofthesea), and my website is 9x12” watercolor bouquet commissions range from $180 to $300 (depending on the complexity of the image).

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