Top 6 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Planner

Much of the time hiring a wedding planner is seen as a luxury, a nice to have but not need to have part of the wedding planning process. Here are the top 6 reasons why hiring a planner should be one of the first things you do. 

1. Cultivating the perfect team

As an event planner I view my main job as putting together the best group of vendors possible for my clients. I want your wedding to look, feel and taste exactly how you imagined it if not better. 

As planners our job is to cultivate relationships with other vendors in the industry from caterers to photographers. We know who fits your style, taste, personality and budget and we make the vendor selection process easy and organized. 

2. Saving money and getting the most for your budget

One of the first things I do when my clients sign on with me is sit down and break down the budget. I always ask my clients to be honest with me and tell me truly where in an ideal world do they want their wedding to come in at. Then we break it down section by section so we can come up with a realistic final number.

That is when I get to work and figure out the best way to get my clients the most value for money and make the most out of their budget. This is a combination of picking the perfect design moments, being creative with decor and floral design,  reusing elements from ceremony to reception, passing on any preferred vendor discounts I get and working with my clients to make sure we focus on what is important to them. 

It is my job to make sure we stay with in that budget so there are no big surprises the week before or after the wedding.  Feeling calm and confident about a wedding budget is one of the main ways to reduce wedding stress and just enjoy the whole planning process. 

3. Creativity

You want a wedding that does not look like a Pintrest copy? That is why you hire a planner, we know how to take your most imaginative ideas and make them a reality and add in a few touches of our own. A good planner will always be able to take the themes, colors and atmosphere descriptions you send put a spin on it and make it entirely yours. 

Also, the perk of hiring a good wedding planner is we can offer suggestions that will give you the same look and feel but fit your budget. That you don’t order tons of floral you don't need and have to give up the menu you really wanted. We are here to make the wedding compromises and decisions much easier. 

4. Task Master

Just like I would for a corporate client I put together a event production schedule for my couples. This lists out all the items that need to be done for the wedding and who needs to do them.  This way my clients know what to expect from me each month but also what items they need to work on. Things like ordering the dress, rings, vows etc. This way it doesn’t feel like we have the huge list that all needs to get done this week. I break the whole process out over a few months so it doesn’t take over my clients lives. 

5. Friend

For my clients I am a support system. When family is getting crazy or you just need to vent I am here. Always happy to grab a cup of coffee and chat through what Aunt Marge has done now. At the end of the day it is just a party. A really important party but I am here to always keep things in perspective and not let the planning process become stressful.  Wedding planning is supposed to fun and I strive to always make sure my clients remember that. 

6. Producer

A wedding is a production and maybe that is my theater and music background speaking but it is how I view it. I take my weddings very seriously and I like to make sure they run on time, operate well and my clients do not have to deal with all the issues that come up on the day.  This includes having a tornado, a tent flood, roads being closed, guest book being left at home, guests lost and that was just at one wedding this year. 

We are there to make sure the wedding looks how we planned, runs on time and everyone has a great time. There are always issues that come up as with any live production but if you have a great team on your side you don’t have to worry and can focus on your friends and family. 

Kate GoddardComment