Keeping Clients Organized: Custom Wedding Planning Schedule

One of the biggest challenges as a wedding planner is keeping clients from getting overwhelmed.  Weddings are stressful enough and my job is to lessen that stress by making sure all my clients know exactly what needs to happen and when.  

When I first started out as an event planner  I used to make a huge an excel productions schedule in all its micro detailed glory. While I still make an this production schedule to help keep myself and my team on track I learned that my way of organizing a wedding makes my clients a bit nervous. So, for my Full Service Wedding clients I decided to create an customized infographic which lists out all the major decisions that need to made. I start from the time they book with me until the wedding day.  

For the design on the planning schedule I tried to keep it as simple and clean as possible. I found these fantastic hand drawn icons on Creative Market. Which I highly recommend for any graphics related projects! 

Take a peak at the graphic below. Is there anything missing, that you would want included in your own wedding schedule? Comments and suggestions welcome!

Keep in mind this is for a wedding where the clients are local to Austin but almost all of their guests are coming in from out of town.