A new look!

I am so excited to introduce our new logo and website.  A huge Thank You to Ann at Grit & Wit for designing our new branding look!   For this redesign I wanted the branding to have a modern approach but with a bit of natural influence. Not an easy request to make but Ann knocked it out of the park. 

When I first sat down to talk about the direction of the WSE branding I was a bit at a loss. What style would my future clients gravitate towards? I took some time to think about what were the key themes I wanted to come across in the branding. What I  realized is that the logo should be reflective of what Wild Sky is as a company and not focus on what I thought everyone was expecting to see.

This gets at the core of how I run Wild Sky. We are always looking to the future of what is next and exciting and at our center we produce gorgeous and creative modern events that are full of character.  That is what I wanted our logo and branding to reflect. Not just another great looking logo but one I knew really matched who we are as a company and where we want to go. 

Have a great rest of your week! 

Kate GoddardComment