Keeping on schedule!

One of my main jobs as an event planner is to keep projects organized and running on time but that doesn’t mean I have an easy time managing to do it for myself! New software is coming out everyday and there are  some great new apps and sites that keep me on track. Here are my top 5: 

1. Toggle: Tracking your day down to the minute is not useful but this time tracking software allows me to categorize each project and gives me a weekly report of how many hours I spent on what. This not only allows me to keep track of my day but gives me a view of how long does it take me to produce an event. This way I can take stock every sixth month and see if I need to adjust my pricing structure or working habits! 

2. Wave: This site saved my bacon. Quickbooks is fantastic but quite expensive. Wave is a free accounting app that connects with your bank account in real time.  With a phone app for photographing receipts to creating invoices and allowing clients to pay via credit card online this app has been a life saver. 

3. Trello: Allows you to create organized todo boards for every event and share them amongst multiple users. This is very helpful if you have a large event with multiple planners working on the project or a client who wants to be really involved and see where you are at with their event. 

4. Nvite:  A new beta site that creates an nice looking visual website that tracks RSVPs and sells tickets for events. Completely setup with unique social media features, I can see this site being everywhere very soon. It was really popular at SXSW this year and I used in for 2 of my SXSW events and have been happy with the results and how easy it is to use! 

5. Social Tables: This cloud based floor plan site is fantastic. It is not only easy to create a quick 2D floor plan but it allows you to save a library of previous plans and copy them over for new events. This saves me oodles of time. While not as accurate as Visio or some of the much more expensive CAD programs for the price it is a great solution. 

Kate GoddardComment