Design Inspiration ... Japan

I love to travel and immersing myself in new cultures all over the world. My time spent around the world is a huge source of inspiration for my event design plans. For me it can be the smallest detail that can spark the idea for an entire new color pallets or a way of integrating texture that I had not thought of before. 

In October I got to take a fantastic 2 week vacation to Japan and it was such a source of inspiration. From the food, store displays, gallery's, tea houses, gardens,  temples and architecture the entire country is a designers dream. 

Here are some of my photos from the trip! 

The food is incredible! Everything is so expertly and intricately displayed, packaged and designed that in Japan food is an art form. 



The gardens are so expertly planned that you could stroll in the same small garden for hours and be constantly finding a new place to sit and observe a small pocket of stillness in such a bustling city. 


The temples are wonders to behold and yet despite their size the architecture is so elegant that they never feel out of place in their surroundings. 


The parks and nature preserves in Japan are so seamlessly integrated with the urban areas that no matter where you are in Tokyo or Kyoto you are never more than a few minutes from a green space! 


And last but not least the lights of Tokyo. Vibrant, fun and bustling.

Kate GoddardComment