Kate Goddard and everyone on her team are a Godsend. I cannot say enough about her responsiveness, adaptability, creativity, attention to detail, thick skin, resourcefulness and overall passion to deliver a flawless experience. Kate concepted and produced a beautiful pop-up interactive experience for my brand at a high profile, high traffic event, in a short amount of time and with budget restrictions. She takes your vision personally and is committed to delivering. Definitely would work with her again and again!

- Christine Guzman |  Chandon

Kate was fantastic! She really took our event to the next level and was amazing onsite! Her attention to detail and problem solving skills were on point and definitely recommend her.

- Sarah Parks | Hulu

On behalf of the entire team here, we wanted to send a huge thank you for all of your hard work on the new Zendesk launch! Everyone was blown away - including our executive team - that attended last night. The look and feel represented our brand perfectly. And the event really did go off without a hitch. 
I know event planning is very difficult, and yet you always seem to manage everything with grace and ease. That really helps our team relax and know you have things covered. Again, thank you so much, and looking forward to great things at SXSW!

- Leadership Team | Zendesk

How do you create a brand new outdoor festival in central Austin? You call Kate at Wild Sky Events, that’s  how! We gave Kate every imaginable challenge: no power, no water, no facilities, etc. And, of course, an impossible deadline. Kate jumped in, blended right into our team, crafted a plan that fit our budget, and made it happen. Every challenge was an opportunity for her to exceed our expectations. Best of all, she was a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend her expertise. 

- Jason Meeker | Meeker Marcom PR

"Kate and Wild Sky Events MADE our company's party (Zendesk) at SXSW this year. We rented out The Container Bar in Austin, and she worked for 6 months with me (and I had never had any corporate events experience) to make it a complete success. If you're looking for a corporate events planner that knows her stuff, works quickly, can be counted on and will help you navigate all the intricacies of the events world, definitely talk to her. She shined in these particular areas: -Took care of everything (and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING - from managing exploding neon lights to dealing with last minute venue flooding) without making you worry about anything. -Was super creative and came to me with some amazing ideas and recommending the best vendors - while always thinking about how we can achieve the best outcome for the lowest budget. 

A good event planner is like a magician - everything comes together seamlessly and without effort but they are working tirelessly behind the scenes to make it seem that way. Kate is a brilliant magician and pulled many rabbits out of her hat without stressing me out with issues. I would absolutely work with Kate again for other events and will actually MISS working with her because she is so wonderful. If you're looking for someone who gets it, and is delightful to partner with, definitely talk to her."

- Tian Lee | Zendesk

Kate was amazing!  She is detailed oriented, organized, efficient and most of all so easy to work with.  She had so many great ideas for our event and was able to keep it all within out budget.  I would highly recommend Kate for any event!  She was truly a gem and I am looking forward to working with her for our next event.

- The Nature Conservancy

Kate, Bridget & Marta are the definition of perfection.  From my first call with Kate we instantly hit it off and I could tell that she understood what I wanted for our wedding.  I am a type A personality that loves organization and being on top of every single detail.  Kate & Bridget ALWAYS responded to every single one of my emails quickly no matter how random or insignificant.  They worked diligently to make sure that every single detail of the wedding was exactly what I had envisioned, and boy did it show.  The day of the wedding this team was a godsend.  Marta literally sewed my two piece dress together after a bit of a dress disaster and was completely calm the entire time.  Due to rain the team enacted our plan B ceremony & I believe it was more beautiful than our Plan A would have been.  From the dress issue to letting us sneak peek the reception venue to putting together a box of our desserts in our getaway car Wild Sky is completely thoughtful in every single thing they do.  They know how to deal with any situation that could possibly come up and are calm and rational throughout it all.  I couldn't recommend them more.  Thank you Kate, Bridget & Marta for the best day ever.

-Liz & Adam

So began a year that could read like a rom-com.  Wedding planning is stressful enough in the best of situations.  Throw in a life or death illness, a work project that could derail the whole wedding, and a groom who thought we could throw it all together in a few months, and you can see that I had my hands full.  It took a wedding planner with a lot of vision to help us have the weekend of our dreams.  We could not have done it without Kate Goddard, of Wild Sky Events.  She was the calm in the storm of that year of planning.  She created a plan A, B, & C just so we would have all contingencies covered.  I never felt stressed about the details knowing that I could trust Kate to help me achieve the vision I had.  From helping to design our wedding paper suite with By Badal, to picking Studio Uma to capture the weekend on film, to making sure that each detail was executed just as I pictured, Kate was my rock.  

- Shilpa & Steven

My husband and I grew up in Austin and knew we wanted to get married there. However, we were living in Michigan and the thought of planning a wedding from so far away seemed daunting. I found Kate because she had done amazing work at one of the venues I was considering. She was beyond helpful and responsive, even before I had actually hired her as I was trying to decide between venues. She gave me the confidence I needed to choose the venue that I loved and the ability to customize every aspect, over the one that just seemed easier because it was all inclusive. Kate helped ease my fears about planning everything from a long distance. She was always available to talk and spaced everything out so that it was never overwhelming. There were many times when we started to worry or stress that my husband and I said to each other, "it's going to be okay because we have Kate." She turned our wedding vision into something more beautiful and spectacular than I could have ever imagined. All of the vendors she put us in contact were amazing and she did an incredible job of coordinating everything. She has a spectacular creative vision in addition to being a careful and thoughtful planner. Kate provided so much support and help during our rehearsal dinner and wedding and made everything stress free, even with last minute changes. We truly can't recommend her enough

- Flannery & Nick

Our company parties have grown like wild fire over the years and Kate has stepped in and created miracles with empty huge spaces. Her ideas rock and her personality and flexibility. Thanks Kate

- Austin Radiological Association

Kate did an exceptional job delivering our vision for the party we hosted. Any questions I had were answered immediately, and on site the entire event to handle the situations that arose. Highly recommend Kate and her team at Wild Sky Events.

- Equalizer

Next to marrying my best friend, Wild Sky Events was the BEST DECISION I ever made. I thought I could do this on my own as I’m maniacally organized and admittedly, a control freak. About 6 months prior to the wedding, I realized that I couldn’t do this on my own and I needed help…BAD!

Kate and Bridget to the rescue. With both of them, it was like having two fairy godmothers!  Kate is a creative mastermind and Bridget is an operational genius. They could probably rule the world! Unlike a fairy godmother, WSE doesn’t have a magic wand. Instead, they put forth the work of 1,000 people, day in and day out to build a fairytale wedding that was out of this world! 

WSE unburdened me of all the thousands of details that go into planning a wedding and broke everything down to make the process as easy as possible. 

Though they have many clients, they make you feel like you are the only one they’re working with. They are not only professional, but genuine and kind. They don’t make you feel like you’re a customer, but a true friend. Our wedding party and guests even commented about how wonderful they were! 

I would recommend them a million times over and can’t thank them enough for being so unbelievably amazing!

- Jenny & Blake

Kate did an amazing job of planning our wedding! Why Kate is so great: 1. We planned a destination wedding in Austin in the midst of major career transitions. Kate kept us on schedule but didn't overwhelm us with decisions. 2. She knew so many great vendors and anything we needed, she had a person ready. Our wedding was in a venue she hadn't done a wedding at before, but the process went off flawlessly. 3. She exceeded my expectations on being able to handle input and requests from bunch of strongly opinionated family members. I didn't have to deal with any drama (yay!) and she kept everyone happy! 4. Most importantly, our wedding was the best day ever. My husband and I could not have dreamed of a more perfect wedding. Also, our family and friends have said over and over that they had a wonderful time. The day was executed without us or our guests knowing about any stress, drama, mistakes (I'm not sure there was any honestly). Kate handled it all, so we could focus on us. I would 100% recommend Kate and her team to anyone for planning an event.

- Natalie & Ryan